Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good News Bad News!

My son the bike expert came by tonight to check out my bike... Turns out my tires were a little under-inflated - they were suppose to be at 50 and they were at 18. So it's no wonder I had a hard time riding it - you put a FAT person on a bike with flat tires and your bound to get a workout! He aired up my tires, adjusted my seat - which really helped my big fat hiney! and attempted to adjust the brake - which he says is dragging on the front tire. Turns out the front tire is crooked (of course not the term he used) - so I guess we'll be taking a trip back to the store to get a new bike. This time I think I'll make sure the tires have enough air though!


  1. This sounds like my bike LOL. And yes I have biked with almost flat tires. It is a workout.LOL

  2. Your son......what a character. He won't accept my friend request on Facebook, I think he is like my son.