Saturday, August 27, 2011

Augst Re-Do Challenge for Scrap Our Stash

I actually completed something for the August Re-Do Challenge

I'm not one to re-do pages.  I usually work on them until I'm happy with the result (which sometimes means days).  But lately, I've been in more "just get 'er done mode".  This was one of those pages.  I actually was "Pagerizing" this from a magazine - but in the process lost my notes - and don't know which magazine and since I have hundreds to chooses from - it just kinda got stuck back in my album as if it were complete.  Everytime someone looked at it - I felt I had to appologize for how "Unfinished" it was.  But, didn't know how to finish it.  So, I took this Challenge as my inspiration to Finish it.  It is still far from a favorite page - but it's done without feeling like it was just one of those slap the  pictures on the page and be done with it layouts.  The title says:  My Favorites Under the Tree.  That was another issue (how many pages can you title - decorating the tree).  By the way, I may not have that issue this Christmas (but I'm too embarrased to tell you why).

Now it's your turn to take the August Re-Do Challenge. See all the details HERE!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A true BEFORE picture!

Posted by PicasaCame upon this picture - can't believe I hadn't deleted it!  This was actually taken 5 months before I started Weight Watchers - so I am probably not at my heaviest here!

I'm feeling much better about ONLY loosing 49 pounds.  Thanks for the motivation MOM!  Love Ya!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Before & After


After Kick Boxing

Posted by PicasaNot quite the Before and After pictures I'd like to share - but, "it is what it is".  When I was taking pictures of Niko this morning for his First Day of 3RD grade - he decided to take one of me.  Not too bad - and I'm due for a picture to show my weight loss (49 lbs as of this AM).  Then when I was coming home from Kick Boxing and was sure I was going to DIE.  I thought it might be a good idea to have a LAST picture of me before I die of exhaustion.  Although the After picture makes me look like I've gained 75 pounds I think it might be from the 2 gallons of water and  Diet Cherry Limeade that I drank.  I hope it also had something to do with the angle at which Niko took the picture. Bob assures me I don't really look like that (he's well trained).  He's really had to bite his tongue to keep from telling me I've lost a TON of weight!