Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Three is the Magic Number

I completed this layout of my 3 adorable grandchildren for the Scrap Our Stash Stitch Challenge.

I had actually sewed a circle on a piece of white cardstock a long time ago just for the fun of it - and set it aside. When I saw this layout at Two Peas by mafswife I had to lift it.

Fortunately I remembered this stitching. So, I trimmed around the stitching and placed it on the layout - this was much easier then it would have been to actually stitch on the page after everything was in place.

I also also used a Scrap Our Stash Frugal Friday Tip to cut letters out of fun foam instead of purchasing the foam letters.

Posted by PicasaNow it's your turn to take the challenge. Send your stitch project to . You could be chosen to be on the Scrap Our Stash Guest Design Team - link over and see all the details in June Challenge.
Chalk ART
Posted by PicasaHere is a lift I did of Niko doing sidewalk chalk. I have attached the original below - but can't find the information as to who it belongs to. This also works for the Scrap Our Stash June stitch Challenge. It was also a great use of some of my Stash. I forgot I even had the blue foam looking paper. And the little ceramic dog has been around forever! If you'd like to join the challenge - just check it out at SOS - link above.

Friday, June 18, 2010

God is Good - My husband is ... CONTINUED

Posted by PicasaThings always look better in the AM????????????

God is Good! My husband, I'm not so sure about!

The Deck - BEFORE
At 4:20 something this AM I was awoken to the sound of my husband yelling "Honey come here - quick". As I came out of the bedroom and looked in the direction from which he was calling me - I see flames in the backyard. His response - get some water - I've got a fire.

As he struggled to get the patio door open - I started filling a piture of water - and suggested he might want to use the hose. I threw my measly piture of water on the blaze - while he tried to untangle the hose, and get all the kinks out of it - so he could get some water pressure.

Once we were able to get the flames out - he had me get him his black tennis shoes. Wish I'd have gotten the camera then - he looked so cute in his tighty whiteys and his black tennis shoes. We discussed how surprised we were no one had called the fire department - I told him - there's no guarantee they haven't - and your going to look pretty silly to them in your underwear and tennies! At which point he handed me the hose and got some shorts on. Then I was able to get the camera!

Posted by PicasaI have lots more pictures - of the GAS tank that has melted Christmas lights on top of it - the melted plastic on the gas grill - the can of lighter fluid and wasp spray that were very close by!

When I asked him whether the smoldering pile on the patio had been a trash bag - he replied NO - the trash can - picture #2.
He decided it best if he didn't tell me how this all happened. I agreed with him.
The more I talked about how God had saved our lives and how serious this was - the more he'd laugh and make jokes about it. I guess that's his way of dealing with the reality that we are just fortunate to be alive. Had he not gotten up to go to the bathroom - and seen the lights of the flames - we would not be here.
Thank you God!
I'll have to post better pictures - once it's light outside!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally a STAR!

No, not me... I received another 5 pound star at Weight Watchers. Since starting WW I've lost 16.8 pounds - altogether I've lost 22. Once again Bob had something brilliant to say! He said, I'm so proud of you - that your still loosing - - - I said what do you mean still loosing - I better be. His response well you could plateu right - - -. He decided the conversation was over and walked away! Smart man! :D Gotta love him! His heart is in the right place.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Totally Spoiled

Posted by PicasaThis is actually a combination of both the Scrap Our Stash Sketch Challenge and the June Stitching Challenge.

I did this layout of Madeline at the pumpkin patch in 2009 - not your regular autumn looking colors, due to Texas' weather, (I'm not complaining). I used a piece of paper from the new DCWV Flower Shower Spring Stack. The strips are cut from one sheet of the 12 x 12 paper. I had to split them behind the pictures, (using a Frugal Friday Tip from SOS), in order for the strip to fit diagonally on the page. I then cut the snail, and flowers out of one of the leftover strips. I then pen stitched around the top and bottom of the strips and pictures which gave the layout more pizazz!

This was a fun sketch to work with - I plan to use it again. I really like the circles in the sketch - but just couldn't make them work on this page - maybe next time.

Now it's your turn! Take one or both of the challenges - or combine them into one layout. See details for the Scrap Our Stash Sketch Challenge and the June Challenge on the Scrap Our Stash blog HERE.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Catch up!

Life has been crazy busy! We had our scrapbook retreat last weekend. Which meant lots of pre-planning of pages and just getting ready to go.

It was a great retreat. I got Jonathan's @ 3 book done - except for a few embelishments, did 10 layouts, and did 5 pages in Madeline's @ 2 book. So, overall I got a lot done - but not as much as I had hoped to. A lot of the pages will fit into the challenge at Scrap Our Stash so I'll be posting them there first.

I did okay regarding my eating during the weekend - I didn't deprive myself of anything I wanted to eat - but made better choices than what I would have in the past. I was content (well almost) with maintaining my weight loss. So last night was 0.0 on the scale. Hopefully, I'll lose some real weight this week!

I've been exhausted since I've been home - guess my age is catching up with me. No more of those all nighters for me.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Note to Self!

Last night was Weight Watchers. I had a good feeling about the weight in! I lost 2.6 pounds which put me at 14.8 (per WW). So I was .2 short of getting my next 5 point star... Okay, no big deal - right!

I'm sitting in class and my cell phone rings! I'm usually very good at making sure I turn it off before class. Hmmm maybe I had too many thinks (yes, I meant Thinks) on my mind. So, I quickly silence my phone - and put it in my purse.

When I got in the car, I turned my phone back on and checked my voice mail. Later, as I'm driving away I realize - that when my phone had rung - it was in my pocket! How much do you suppose a cell phone weights? Probably .2 pounds!

Oh well! Next time I'll be sure to check my pockets before weight in - and turn off my cell phone!