Friday, June 18, 2010

God is Good! My husband, I'm not so sure about!

The Deck - BEFORE
At 4:20 something this AM I was awoken to the sound of my husband yelling "Honey come here - quick". As I came out of the bedroom and looked in the direction from which he was calling me - I see flames in the backyard. His response - get some water - I've got a fire.

As he struggled to get the patio door open - I started filling a piture of water - and suggested he might want to use the hose. I threw my measly piture of water on the blaze - while he tried to untangle the hose, and get all the kinks out of it - so he could get some water pressure.

Once we were able to get the flames out - he had me get him his black tennis shoes. Wish I'd have gotten the camera then - he looked so cute in his tighty whiteys and his black tennis shoes. We discussed how surprised we were no one had called the fire department - I told him - there's no guarantee they haven't - and your going to look pretty silly to them in your underwear and tennies! At which point he handed me the hose and got some shorts on. Then I was able to get the camera!

Posted by PicasaI have lots more pictures - of the GAS tank that has melted Christmas lights on top of it - the melted plastic on the gas grill - the can of lighter fluid and wasp spray that were very close by!

When I asked him whether the smoldering pile on the patio had been a trash bag - he replied NO - the trash can - picture #2.
He decided it best if he didn't tell me how this all happened. I agreed with him.
The more I talked about how God had saved our lives and how serious this was - the more he'd laugh and make jokes about it. I guess that's his way of dealing with the reality that we are just fortunate to be alive. Had he not gotten up to go to the bathroom - and seen the lights of the flames - we would not be here.
Thank you God!
I'll have to post better pictures - once it's light outside!


  1. Wow!! so glad you guys are ok! it was very fortune he got up in time ot see the flame. one never know.

  2. Oh my goodness - how scary! Glad everyone is safe and sound

  3. I'm hoping that happens to our deck! It would be great to have insurance pay for a new one. It must have been scary, though! I hope it's covered under your insurance.