Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweet - Creative Scrappers 1 hour challenge

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This was my entry in the 1 hour challenge. It was fun but crazy! It started at 8:00 here - Niko's bedtime. I got him pretty well settled in before it started. The next issue was my stuff was still packed from this weekend... So I had to look for my scissors, cutter, circle cutter, cuttlebug, never did find a zig writer.
The cookies are actually a car deodarizer (you know the thing that hangs down off the mirror to make your car smell like a tree). It just happend to be sitting out. The green sprinkles are actually the real thing (not too acid free) - it's okay they aren't glued on. This was a lot of fun - but sure makes me have to think of shortcuts - no tracing letters and cutting each one out separately by hand!
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