Thursday, October 1, 2009


just had to say it!


  1. I'm so sorry we didn't get your sketch! Since it appears Mr. Linky was fickle, for next week, can you leave a comment as well as using Mr. Linky. If you didn't use mr. linky, but left a comment on a post, make sure you are linking on the comment for the sketch challenge itself. I only check the original Thursday post for links.

    So, so sorry! I love the page!

  2. I did use Mr. Linky - maybe he just doesn't like me LOL! I'll make a point of leaving a post stating that I've left a link in the future. Thanks for your kindness in replying.

  3. So glad you still plan to play! My own mom has had trouble playing when using Mr. Linky. She emails me her pages!! :)

    Please feel free to email me at anytime!