Saturday, October 3, 2009

I love Friday

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Challenge #2 was to scrap about why you love Friday. We were given a free digi kit to download! HAHAHAHAHA - that was a real joke - I struggled with it way too long - I was able to download it - but could never open it. I did end up opening 27 Windows of MSN - which I couldn't get rid of with out rebooting my computer. So, you'd think I'd learn right! I followed (at least I thought I did) one more suggestion as to how to open - once again I got 35 open windows.... So after rebooting the computer a 2nd time - I decided to go without the digi kit. Sooo now how do I express my love for Friday because it's scrap night. Pictures? So then I attempted to print some wallet size pics of different scrapbook related things. Of Course my printer is out of color ink - the pics don't print in wallet size and are unusable. So I try again - this time I decided to print them out as a collage. Once again, not at all the look I'm going for - but at least it's pictures. So as I'm waiting for the pics to print I set up a page... if that's what you want to call it. Once the pics were printed I laid it on the page - took pictures and posted them. Can we say stressful! At this point I was about in tears - and ready to quit. No that wasn't an option - if I failed it wouldn't be because I quit!
This page is sooooooooooo bad I'm not sure I'm even going to attempt to re-do it.

Thanks for listening to my vent!

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