Saturday, October 3, 2009

Never Again!

The on line scrap was fun - but waaay to stressful. We were given a challenge every hour - and all 4 had to be completed and posted by 11:00. I made it & a card - but none are anything I'm proud of. I'll post them tomorrow and tell my secrets! As long as you promise not to tell anyone!


  1. Yah sometimes those can be more fun to watch and just jump in if you're feeling it. Great sketches by the way!

  2. Don't feel bad...I was right there with ya! And I was in tears! I felt so bad about the mess I had made on my one page layout and one card that I won't even post pix online of them!
    I wish the peas would just do a crop and chat kinda thing. No pressure, just fun "getting to know you".
    Thanks for making me feel like I was not the only one!
    aka (2peas name) Boyzmom