Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday

Posted by PicasaHere it is again!  Still a mess - but I did actually complete some layouts this week:

Finished Let's Go to the Hop - 2 pages
Maddy @ Crowe's Nest 09
The Kids @ Crowe's Nest 08
Blow - Niko in 06
Say Cheese - Embrys at Crowe's Nest 09
Together - Maddy & Mommy & Daddy - Crowe's Nest 09

I'm now at about 20 pages from Crowe's Nest 09.  YIKES!  And of course there's Crowe's Nest 2010 pictures!


  1. Your "messy desk" would be a clean day in my workspace!


  2. Jim wants it spotless, he will clean it for you when we get there, don't worry!!

  3. I had to hide mine under a table cloth to do a video today, LOL.
    Yours looks pretty good to me :)