Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weight Watchers BLUES!

Not sure what happened this week - but I lost 0.0 pounds... I think I didn't eat enough - that just seems like such a stupid concept - that not eating all my points would keep me from loosing. But it seems to be the case - on the weeks that I don't eat my points I loose little (or none) and the weeks I eat more I loose more!

Oh well, live and learn. At least I didn't gain any.

Tomorrow is another day!



  1. okay, I actually went through a box of JUNK in the guest room. It is now in a box 1/10 the size - and ready for Bob to handle. I also have lots of trash to get rid of and lots to give away! Whoo Hoo I'm on my way.

  2. Yeah, at least you didn't gain weight like you were before....or however Bob said it so nicely. Pretty soon that, "Wow, you lost a TON of weight" will be said and you will feel so good. Keep up the good work.....motivate me.....not!