Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A new challenge for me!

Okay, so far - putting my messy asylum on here - challenged me to clean it. Which I did!

Putting my before picture challenged me to loose weight - Which I'm doing!

So, now I've decided to get my house in order I need a new challenge - for all the world to hold me to. I've decided to become a flylady again. It's been a long time - and a lot has changed - but the concept of "routine" is very much needed in my life. Soooo! I signed up - and so far I've cleaned my kitchen sink (it's been clean since Sunday) - did the 27 piece boogie in the Guest room - and spent two 2 minute sessions on 1 of my many hot spots (the computer desk). I've made my bed for 3 days in a row - and now I'm off to work on the Guest bathroom for 15 minutes and get rid of 27 things out of the Guest room!

I'm expecting all of you out there to keep me on track - motivated - and on task!

I guess I could put some before pictures - that would be way to embarassing! I'll report back later!


  1. Cleaning is such a challenge. Is it that way for all of us who would rather be creating than cleaning? Good job so far, keep it up - or not and go back to having fun in your scrap room :-)