Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weight Watcher update

Okay, this has been another discouraging week - at one point this week when I got on the scale I had gained 3 pounds. At first I started to get very discouraged - but then later I decided that was silly - that at some point (way down the road) I'm going to get to my goal - and that isn't going to make any difference in the way I eat now - so what difference does it make if I don't loose the weight as quickly as I'd like. This is a life style - this is something I'm going to do for the rest of my life - so why rush it.

I decided God might be trying to tell me something - like what He tells me quite often - that He is here for me in this too. That I don't have to rely on my own ability or following rules - I need to rely more on Him and lean not on my own ability! I asked Him to help me and for forgiveness for relying on myself and not Him.

This morning when I got on the scale I had lost that 3 pounds and was down to my lowest weight yet. Hmmm! Could it be that I followed the program more closely - or that I stepped out of the way and let God do His Thing?

Another lesson for me to learn - and hopefully retain!

So I've lost a total of 18 pounds since I started - 12.4 on Weight Watchers!

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  1. Congrats on the continued weight loss! Learning to change habits and lifestyle is SO HARD. Keep up the good work!