Friday, February 12, 2010

My $$Frugal Friday Tip$$

Frugal Friday tip by Kathy This is a very simple tip that saves paper 0r in some cases stretches your paper.

Instead of putting a piece of 7" by 12" blue cardstock behind the 3 pictures in this layout - I cut two 1/2 x 12" strips and butted them right up against the pictures - so it looks like the pictures are matted. A savings of a 5 x 12" piece of paper.

Another example is in the "Where is your Popcorn" layout. The red and white striped paper was actually only 8 1/2 x 11 - so by cutting it into strips and butting it up against the pictures it appears that the stripped paper goes all the way across the 12" page under the pictures, but actually it is 4 strips glued above and below the outside pictues. Because it was not wide enough to reach across a 12 x 12 page I actually pieced it behind the center picture.

The title word Popcorn is an example of an earlier Frugal Friday tip on how to do fake chipboard letters . To learn how, go to Labels on the sidebar at Scrap Our Stash and click Frugal Friday tips to see all the tips.

If you use any of the Frugal Friday tips posted here on Scrap Our Stash - please submit a picture. We'd love to post them.

If you have a frugal tip you would like to share please email it along with a picture to It could be our next Frugal Friday Tip!

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