Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not Much Scrapping Done!

I haven't gotten much scrapping done - too much time spent over at Scrap Our Stash Challenge. I am still working on my house layout - it will be my December challenge - to scrap with SCRAPS. Hope to get it done soon. Then the trick will be getting a decent picture of it - seems how it's been rainy around here.

Also gotta finish getting more Christmas decorating done. Niko filled the Advent Calendar with candy (Halloween Trick or Treat Candy) last night. So at least that's done. Now he's bugging to hang the stockings. He's decided that he doesn't want the "train" stocking anymore - he found a huge fluffy stocking - he decided that should be his this year. Then he confessed - it will hold a lot more....

Gotta love him!

Maybe I'll get some pictures of the tree posted - while there are still a few (toy story) ornaments on it. We've re-decorated at least twice now.

We'll see!

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