Friday, December 4, 2009

2Peas On Line-crop!

The challenge was to do a layout about a list... So as usual I twisted it a little - and scrapped about Why I Don't make Lists... The page says: My List of reasons I don't make lists. 1. I'd have to find something to write with. 2. I'd have to find something to write on. 3. I'd forget what the list was for. 4. I'd loose the list. 5. I'd never know if I completed the list or not because it would be lost. The smaller list says: My List
1. Find a pen. 2. Find paper. 3. What was this list for? 4. Find my List. 5. Oh well! Maybe next time!
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  1. too funny Kathy! :) I'm online with the 2 peas crop too, but I'm moving slow tonight. Making a "list" of all my pages I want to complete for the challenges. Love your list layout!!

  2. LOL - fun layout with a couple of great lists :) great job!