Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Down 4 pounds!

I know I shouldn't weight everyday - but... I just had to do it! I've lost another pound for a total of 4 since Sunday. I know it's going to slow down - but I can dream can't I.

I'm already getting sick of salad & chicken fajita meat. I really need to find a lower calorie bread (torilla's are 100 each).

Off to check out Weight Watchers on line!



  1. Great job Kathy...keep it up!!!
    I started WW in 2003. I weighed 246 lbs. I had gotten down to around 170 last year, but have gained a little of it back (10 lbs). (Man, I can't believe I'm telling everyone my weight...guess I feel like I know who's going to read this and I'm ok with all you gals!!) I'm at a total plateau right now and I guess I'm a little frustrated with that, but's not where I was before. I have lots of hints/ideas and food hints. Like I know about breads and what is lower in points. Email me if you want and I'll help in any way I can!!

  2. Thanks Joni - I definately will be emailing - I'm already becoming very board with what I consider "diet food".

  3. I need to loose about 10 pounds, but I just can't seem to want to do it bad enough. But I only loose about 2 lbs a month. I think you are doing awesome.