Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Scrappinpsycho's going tech!

Everyone else is doing it - So I guess it's my turn! I'm really stretching - 1st I entered 2 of my layouts for a design team - and now I'm attempting to set myself up a blog! Not sure how this all works - so it will be a learning experience for me. I'm hoping to be able to share some of my layouts with whoever (or is it whomever?) will look at them. And no, I didn't make the design team - I will attempt to post my rejected layouts... We shall see!


  1. I saw your layouts over at 2Peas and I think they are both wonderful. I'm sorry you didn't make the DT, but keep trying, you do great work!

  2. Did you hand cut the harley shape? neat!

  3. This was based on a sketch - it had a Circle above and below the strip in the center. I had planned on doing a circle - and using some kind of Harley embelishments or paper - not that I had any - just know I had seen it. So I went shopping - found NO Harley stuff. So I decided to google Harley and just see the color theme or something. Then I realized the Logo would make a great "circle". I originally printed the logo FULL size - which wasn't what I wanted - but that is what I ended up using for my pattern! Arn't you glad you asked! Sorry, I guess that's probably more information then you wanted! Thanks for asking though so I could tell my story!