Saturday, June 18, 2011

What an awesome God I serve

This has not been my best week ever - well it wasn't at the beginning of the week anyway!  This song tells it all - when I asked God to tell me what to do - and that He'd have to talk REAL LOUD because, I wasn't really believing He was there - He SPOKE VERY LOUD - VERY CLEAR - and at just the right time.  He is soooooo awesome.  BLESSINGS!

If you are going through a trial that you don't think you can handle -  it may his Mercy in disguise! - ask Him to help!  HE will!


  1. Awesome just awesome... I love chris jesus.. thanks for sposting...

  2. I totally agree! I do not know how many times it has helped to just go to church and pray! thanks for the post!