Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Not doing great at all of my goals - but I have made some progress!

I did a ton of laundry this weekend - now it's ready to do again!

The clean dishes need to be put away - and the dishwasher re-loaded.  I did clean up the kitchen on Saturday.

I've been putting layouts in 12 x 12 postbound albums - which has been very time consuming - I've completed 2006 and am 1/2 way through with 2007.  Makes me realize I need to do some layouts for May of 2007 - plan to order pictures before the sale is over at Wallgreens.

I tracked my points everyday except Sunday (Super Eat Sunday)...  Didn't do horrible - but ate things I have no idea how to track.  Still lost .4 this week... That's 2 weeks in a row of loss!  Hope I'm on a roll there.

Practiced my piano - a couple of times last week - haven't done any yet this week and lessons are tomorrow!  So guess what I should be doing instead of blogging!



  1. For some reason putting your dishes away and reloading your dishwasher was much easier than doing the same thing here. Why is that? I think I am easily distracted by the thousands of other things that need to be done. Too bad we can't live in a commune......

  2. Yay for postbound albums! A bit of a hassle, but I think they are worth it. Congrats on your weight loss. I only lost .2 this past week at WW, but at least it's not a gain!