Monday, January 31, 2011

Resolutions NOT!

I am not one to make resolutions - because I know I won't keep them.  Besides, your suppose to make them on January 1st - and by the 31st you've forgotten what they were.  So, instead I'm going to set some atainable goals for me to meet on a regular basis.  And I'm going to attempt to post my status regularly.  This is my first goal - to set some goals - and then to post them:

Post to Scrappinpsycho regularly - if for no other reason than to post the status of my goals

Track my Weight Watcher's Points - Daily

Stay within my points - Daily

Be active - 30 minutes per day

Scrapbook  (365 pages for 2011)

Practice my piano - 3 times per week

1 load of laundry - per day (wash, dry, fold & put away)

Keep up with the dishes - daily

Pay bills - on time

Work on my DREAM

Make a difference in someone's life - as often as possible

Okay - that should keep me busy for awhile

Off to track my points!



  1. Those are great goals! I think it will definitely help keep you on track if you post where you are at every so often. Have fun :)

  2. Love your goals, and the idea that they are not short-term resolutions! I'm tracking WW points, too, but due to all the snow here, I bet my meeting today is cancelled!