Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weight loss Woes!

Another not so good week at Weight Watchers. I lost .4 this week. That is really lame - but all my fault. I really got lax on my tracking. I also think there are probably serval times I ate something that I would not have eaten had I tracked that day - and was more aware of how many points I used. Sooo my goal for this week is to TRACK.

Off to track!



  1. I feel your pain! I've been doing the WW thing for a while now and have lost 27.6 lbs so far. Went on vacation for 10 days and came back on weigh in day and was up 3.4!!!
    Back on the wagon.....

  2. Karen,

    I had a 10 day vacation too - Luckily, I came back a few days before weight in - so I was able to loose about 4 pounds of the weight I had gained back before weight in.

    The best part is - it really is easy to get back on the wagon!

    Thanks for the encouragement. 27.6 is great! Keep it up!


  3. well, better to lose a little than none at all....wish I could think of more profound statements like Bob or your mother makes...like "no wonder you are fat" or "you have lost a TON of weight"......

    Seriously, you are doing great.

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