Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Up and Running!!!!!!!!

Finally... I was able to restore all my pictures - the only problem is the standalone - pulls every picture it can find - so now I have about 100,000 (I'm not exagerating) pictures on my computer - of only which 3000 are ones I want.... So now I have to figure out how to delete the extra 700,000. If anyone has any advice - I'm game. I refuse to open up Picassa before I get it cleaned up - because it will pull all of them too. That's just too many pictures to have to sort through....

Anyway, I was actually able to post a Frugal Friday tip at Scrap Our Stash - come check it out! And get your entries in for the January Challenge and send me any Frugal tips you have... See all the details at SOS.




  1. Can you just delete the pictures from your computer? Make sure they are on the external storage device and then just delete them from your computer. I think that will at least free up space on your hard drive. ( I think, I am by no means a computer person) I too recommend an external hard drive. Mine is 5gig I think and will store lots of stuff. It is not as portable as a jump drive but I don't usually carry stuff places with me. It has been a life saver for me since I had a computer puke on me too, thankfully after I dumped all my files into the external storage. When I got mine I payed around $100 for it. Well worth it to know I have my memories stored along with all my papers from school that I may or may not ever need again.

  2. I haven't even saved any of my pictures on my laptop and there is a year worth of photos.
    I guess I better get on that.

  3. I highly recommend a backup stand alone - it sure saved me....